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welcome to holsterman for custom kydex and holstex and boltaron iwb or iwb gun holsters

I make inside the waistband and outside the waistband holsters I sell them mostly on ebay.com

here is my direct ebay link  for my instock holsters for sale free shipping too             http://www.ebay.com/usr/thanksman232

or go there to search box and  click advanced search next search by user enter thanksman232 and it will bring up

my current items for sale with feedback on my holsters. if you have any questions about different holsters

not listed on ebay you can email me at holstermans@gmail.com I also have a list below of my current holsters I can make




list of current inside the waistband or outside the waistband holsters I can make 

New inside the waistband holsters offered have Raven vg2 claw and over hook they are very concealable from the claw pushing the gun close to the body and very comfortable and u can tuck shirt in too 

iwb holsters are ambidextrious and come with 1 raven concealment injection molded strut with 3 height adjustments and a rcs soft loop with pull the dot snap adjustable for 1.25 1.5 1.75 belts holster is very comfortable and very concealable

I also have a 2 soft loop option available for $10 extra dollars

colors offered  black multicam camo  kydex carbonfiber holstex  green od bolatron kryptek highlander and black boltaron

owb holsters come with 1 set of injection molded loops for 1.5 belt 1.75 available too

glock 17,19,20,2122,23,26,27,29,30,33,34,35,36,41,42.43 43x 48 42 with tlr6 43 with tlr6 G17,19,22 32,34 with surefire xc1 light

 sig sauer p365  foxtrot light or lima laser too

smith&wesson mp full size mp m2.0 4.25 barrel and 5 barrel 40 cal with safety

smith&wesson m&p shield mpshield 2.0 with integrated crimson trace laser

smith&wesson 442,642 revolver

smith&wesson bodyguard 38 or 380 with and without laser

springfield xds normal size and new "4 barrel models

springfield xd 3" or 4" barrel

springfield xdm 3.8'4.2' 5'

sig sauer 226 and 320 full and compact with rail p938'p238' 1911 5' no rail

ruger lcp and with crimson Trace "lc9 Lcr 38, 357 magnum

colt 45 1911 commander with rail

Kimber 1911 3' or 5'

berretta 92 and px4 storm full size 

Remington r51


Taurus 938..605,85 revolver and 85,605 poly protector revolver

Walther ppq  m1

Smth&wesson sigma sw40v sw9v

heckler and Koch hk vp9

kel-tec pmr30

 Kahr cm9


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